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Average customer review: 3.5 star rating (3.4 Stars)

Number of reviews: 29



5.0 star rating Suzie from Des Moines, Iowa


This show was amazing! The musicians and artists are incredible. The range of their voices and the creativity they use with making this music a truly new song is phenomenal. Don't hesitate to purchase tickets now or in the future. It is SO worth every penny. And Hoyt Sherman is such a fabulous venue!

5.0 star rating Rich Wetmore from Waretown, NJ


I really enjoyed last nights performance at Count Basie. I especially enjoyed the two singing sisters whom I hadn’t heard before. They each had strong and unique singing voices, and at times it was like witnessing one of the TV singing competition shows. Entertaining and well done to all!

5.0 star rating M. Price from Calgary, Alberta


If one was expecting old timey Jazz, one might have been disappointed and maybe a bit uninformed. PMJ takes current songs and flips them on their heads and converts them into high energy, hand clapping Jazz style masterpieces. Added bonus, some amazing tap dancing. IMHO 5 stars is not enough for last nights performance. I hope they return to Calgary again.

5.0 star rating Jill Pitman from Atlantic City, New Jersey


Great great great rendition of Nothing Else Matters- she was an awesome singer! She received a standing ovation at the Borgata! I wish I could find her single or even her name. She was talented. Douglas Jr the MC sounded like a recording he was so spot on. Definitely check out the show if you want something that screams Vintage Atlantic City! And dress up- it’s fun!

5.0 star rating Chris from Toronto, ON


The Spice Girls if they existed during WW2, Celine Dion if she fronted a 50s Doo-wop band, the White Stripes as a classic Jazz ensemble. The concert travelled through time with some of the best vocal talent I’ve ever heard. The Celine closer sung by the host made me tingle, so powerful were the vocals. This group is not to be missed.

5.0 star rating from Toronto, ON


Saw them in Toronto and I was literally blown away. Excellent musicians. Some of the most amazing singers I've ever heard and an MC that hit notes I didn't know a man could even hit. Throw in a tap dancer with lots of character and you leave with a massive smile on your face.

5.0 star rating NancyB from Toronto, Ontario


The performers were all excellent, and all of them got into the act. The musicians were sometimes doing comedy bits upstage while the singers were performing, which enhanced, did not distract, from the performance. The art direction and lighting design were also superb. I had a very, very good time and am telling everyone to know to see the Postmodern Jukebox when they are in their neighborhoods.

4.0 star rating Will from Phil from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


This show is not for everybody, just those who like incredibly talented live vocalists backed by a band with horns, electric guitar, drums, and of course, piano. "Tambourine Guy" was a welcomed addition, since I have seen his excited puppy-like energy in most of the videos online. Scott Bradlee was not on piano and the line-up was not exactly as advertised, but it was very good and wildly entertaining. Michael Cunio was the MC and while he can scream like a Jack Black-fronted rock band, he can deliver at all levels. I am thoroughly surprised he is not touring with Queen, since he can do a solid Freddie Mercury, which is not easy. I apologize for not having their names here, but the expected sirens of song lit up the stage and other male guests appeared from recent talent contests, which is to be expected with a touring company. The tap dancing was fun and adds a quirky energy that keeps the show light and entertaining. A Morgan James video introduced me to PMJ, so I came to see the sirens or torchlight songs, but did not expect the live show to be exactly like the videos anyway. I brought three guests who had no idea what they were getting into. They were blown away and are now advocates for PMJ. Keep them coming (and see if you can get Morgan to tour next year!).

4.0 star rating Gabe from Toronto, Ontario


What a fantastic show. The band was very connected and right on with the tunes. From Lady Gaga, Buggles, Isley brothers, and . All the tunes were jazzed up 20's style. Admittingly being a fan of PMJ helps, but for a noob this is an excellent introduction of an up and coming band that will blow your socks off. The lead singers had spectacular voices. The only thing that takes it away is the screaming of some of the high notes by the MC. Morgan James would have given it 6 stars - lol. A must see !!!

4.0 star rating R. Warne from Toronto, Ontario


Terrific show . With over 300 musicians and singers that are part of the PMJ family you have no idea who is going to turn up. They were really well represented and I'm looking forward to their next Toronto visit.

4.0 star rating Rhonda Kay from Findlay, Ohio


Enjoyed the FIndlay Marathon Center of the Performing Arts show . The energy was strong and cast impressive. Overall the audience had fun with the cast. Matt Scheil and his tap dancing was impressive and a joy to witness from our 2nd row seating. I will agree with another review that it was loud, and at times lyrics were hard to make out- wasn't sure if it was the venues' acoustics or the sound "man". I don't agree Rogelio was "screaming" though,- a little fine tuning may be necessary , but we enjoyed the energy and musicianship. The vocals were fabulous. Someone stated endings were "predictable" , we enjoyed the vocalists sharing their amazing vocal range- we enjoyed the show.

4.0 star rating Tim from Atlanta, Georgia


I was looking forward to the concert and thought it would include the whole ensemble including Scott Bradly. We got a skeleton crew. Though they all were very good, for a venue like in Atlanta, I felt slighted by not having more singers other than the same four.

3.0 star rating Average Joe from Toronto, Ontario


No doubt about it PMJ live at Massey Hall was made up of a group of mostly very talented artists. That being said the show was tough to get through at times. Way too much tap dancing for my taste! One solo and we're good. I appreciate the talent but not when i have to sit through it for so many numbers instead of what i went to The MC was a real downer for me. He is not a good match for the PMJ brand in my opinion. His style was not in keeping with the theme and his banter was hard to listen to at times, sometimes cheesy and most times out of synch with the show. Take it a step further and I have to say the MC's voice was way too far over the top for me. Screaming high notes that make gospel singers sound timid. Sorry but he brought the show down 2 stats. I cringed whenever he came on stage. Am I a Creep? Nope, just being honest.

3.0 star rating Geeh from Los Angeles, California


I was excited to see them at the Long Beach Convention Center on Nov 24th, since I've watched them on YouTube, but was totally disappointed... their artists were so limited, and you don't need to announce every single performer... announcer was cheesy, boring, and just a waste of time... and to add to this...why too much tap dancing...i came to listen to great performers singing famous songs on the tube, and only recognized two or three...i was expecting more...I'd give it a "B" rating like in the movies... their budget was so cheap🤤😞😠... the three performers you pick for the show aren't your best ones!!! And what was that guy with tambourine who kept popping between performance every now and then... so corny😡 🤢

3.0 star rating Jay Robin from Toronto, Ontario


I was disappointed with the host, he was way over the top with his cat like screeching. The female singers were excellent as were the band members. I did enjoy the tap dancer, a breath of fresh air. And the bonus, she could juggle. This was my first PMJ concert and will not attend another.

3.0 star rating Amelia from Toronto, Ontario


I found the music was too loud, RTH has awesome acoustics and there was no need for it to be so loud. Tap dancing was very good, I just wish they had Morgan, Miche or Casey with them and Scott you are so much better on the ivories than the guy you had in Toronto

3.0 star rating Mark from Calgary, Alberta


Not sure what happened. The show at times was turned into a HardRock format done 1920's style with the MC SCREAMING his lyrics. This I was not expecting. SCOTT BRADLEYS PMJ format somehow got hijacked and it was not for the better. The MC can sing and performs well, so whats up with the RockStar routine????? The rest of the singers were awesome and true to form in the tradition of PMJ. I watched many videos on PMJ and was not expecting a change of venue (disappointing). Ohhh and the Tap Dancing was phenomenal but way too much of it, I was their to listen to the PMJ BRAND OF MUSIC. PMJ Brand needs to get back on track to their original formula SILKY SMOOTH SINGING LIKE THE 1920's. This show last night was at times on track and awesome, other times with the MC singing it became a 1920's ROCKSHOW full of screaming and way too loud. PLEASE Scott Bradley, gain back control of PMJ.

3.0 star rating Wendy from Toronto


This was our third time seeing PMJ in Toronto, and by far the weakest performance. New cast, but so much else was repeated. How many times does the Canadian audience need to hear "My heart will go on"? Hopefully, next time there will be new content, despite the theme, whatever it may be.

3.0 star rating Frank from Indianapolis, Indiana


I was eagerly anticipating seeing Postmodern Jukebox at The Palladium in Carmel, IN, after watching many of their YouTube videos. The show we saw was nothing like the terrific performances that the group has posted online. Virtually all of the musicians were different from the ones in the videos and the same with the female performers. The performance we saw needed at least two or three more ladies on stage and two more guys to sing. And I can't believe how much of the show was taken up by the ( extremely talented ) performer tap dancing. By my count he performed at least six times! I have the feeling that they knew they were vastly shorthanded and that they needed to do something to fill up the show in the absence of more female and male performers. The musicians were top-notch, but the show was a bit too dependent on the emcee, who was the only male singer. He is very talented, but he needed much more of a supporting cast. I'll continue watching the terrifically entertaining PMJ videos, but I won't be back to see another live performance.

3.0 star rating Betty from New Bedford MA


The sound mixer should listen to the actal sound. All it had going for it was volume. I could hardly hear singers voices. Just volume. Mcee was way over the top and didn’t fit with PMJ style and way too much tap dancing. It was fun to watch but got old after a while. Not great, just okay.

3.0 star rating A. Shanahan from Baltimore, Maryland


I left the show singing Ethel Merman, who sang ,and belted but did not scream. Very talented musicians with showmanship. Singers had powerful voices. In these troubled times, I would never have opened the show with "Happy Days are here Again". Ouch. Yet, I was transported to a different era when clubs , bands and singers were the go to entertainment. Tweak the show; turn down the mikes, let those beautiful voices sing out so words can be understood and let the music play on.

3.0 star rating Johan D. from Orlando, Florida


I'm a big fan of the YouTube channel and looked forward to this for months to see them in Orlando on 4/3/22. It was fun but somewhat of a mixed bag. The MC was a surprise, funny and great voice. Fantastic musicians but it was disappointing that Scott Bradley was not the guy on piano. I was hoping to see a bigger group of familiar performers from the videos. Instead the show was mostly 3 unknown-to-me (but still amazing) singers plus the multi-talented Gunhild Carling as the only one I recognized. The tap dancer. Unbelievable skills and 1 or 2 numbers would be perfect. But this was a bit too much, upwards of 20+ minutes of the show was purely tap-dancing. One routine went on for at least 10 minutes solid, no joke. Some of the musical performances would have benefited from less Tambourine guy. He was funny for a minute but unfortunately he was there far longer than a minute. Overall it was a fun night but I would not go again unless I knew the line-up ahead of time.

3.0 star rating Shira Cherns from Toronto, Ontario


I had seen their videos, which made me buy a ticket for their live performance at Roy Thomson Hall in Toronto. A few good songs (I liked the Spice Girls one), but, as others have already mentioned, too much very loud, overdone shrieking (at one point I was actually plugging my ears) and too much tap-dancing. Most of the songs were unrecognizable to me. I *thought* the music was meant to be arranged to be 1920s-style, but it seemed like a big mashup of...I'm not sure what! The 6-piece band was good. Didn't like the MC's "schtick". I would not return to another PMJ show, based on tonight's experience.

2.0 star rating Sarah B from Seattle, Washington


My hubby and I had been very much looking forward to this event for the last few months. This was sadly not the wonderful Postmodern Jukebox that we were expecting. Some of the singing was so 'screechy' and the music was so incredibly loud and overpowering that you couldn't really hear some of the songs. It was supposed to be 1920's themed but we didn't get much of that at all - just lots of ear-piercing noise. In the end, we decided to leave before the encore. Such a shame!

2.0 star rating Teresa Clark from Findlay, Ohio


Was my favorite group...listen on Facebook all the time...but was so disappointed in the performance in Findlay, Ohio. The emcee screamed the songs...decibel range was 110...was so loud that it was hard to understand the words of any performance songs except for about 3 ballads. All songs had predictable endings with vocal gymnastics over the top...the instrumental musicians were excellent but again, hard to enjoy because of the volume...just was not necessary.

2.0 star rating Steve from Knoxville, TN


Each song sounded the same. Everything just ran together. Can’t help but feel they just took shortcuts to get back on the road as quickly as possible after Covid. Very disappointed.

2.0 star rating John Vass from Melbourne Australia


Common theme amongst the reviews which I totally agree with... concert was very flat, MC would constantly refer to the crowd as beautiful people and talked and taled to fill in time, the trap dancer tapped way to long. Musicians were ok but this show hit 10% the entertainment factor compared to the YouTube videos, hence I would say that I was ripped off and did not get what the advertising wad selling

1.0 star rating D & M Jay from Vancouver, British Columbia


Yesterday’s Vancouver concert was horrible. Excepting for a couple of exceptional performances it was a feast of screeching, too much tap dancing by one male performer and the MC going bananas. Not at all what i was expecting after watching their YouTube clips.

1.0 star rating Trish m from Austin, Texas


Not at all like the videos. I went expecting to come home in a holiday mood but I left feeling let down. I decided not to stay for the meet and greet. If you’re single and alone this holiday and want to hate on ex lovers then this may be the show for you. The austin performers were good and the female vocals rocked it but the MC was loud, depressing and overbearing. His comments were rude and he did have a beautiful range but it felt exploited. Sorry to have spent so much on a concert that just did not deliver.


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