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Twas The Night Before... Reviews

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Average customer review: 2.0 star rating (2.1 Stars)

Number of reviews: 37



5.0 star rating John from Chicago, Illinois



5.0 star rating Deb from Chicago, Illinois


Had a fabulous evening in Chicago with my Son. Must take the grandbabes to see this next time their in Chicago.

5.0 star rating John B. from Chicago, Illinois


This show was great. This is my first experience with Cirque du Soleil so I don't have the high falutin Vegas benchmark, but I thought the talent was professional, well beyond high school, and there was definitely no weird cat pooping scene during the show that someone mentioned. My kids enjoyed the show and we were in the nosebleeds. Tickets cost $30 to $80 whereas in Vegas they cost $80 to $200. I was thoroughly impressed by the performers and would see this show again. The skaters stood out as well as the bicycle riding, don't think I've ever seen someone ride a bike like that before. My recommendation is to park in the theatre district self park garage at 181 N Dearborn, definitely use spothero app on your phone or else you will pay significantly more to park. Like $20 vs $60. Christkindlmart is only a few blocks away in Daley Plaza for the holidays, so make an evening of it.

5.0 star rating Mike from Chicago, Illinois


The show was very enchanting, really putting you into the holiday spirit. The cast was phenomenal, the remixes of Christmas music were amazing, the dancing and acrobatics were on point, and even the story (that most Cirque shows do not have) was heart warming. I'd definitely recommend it!

5.0 star rating D.R. Martin from Dallas, Texas


The music, the choreography, the acrobatics, the story - it all combined to create a magical and beautiful fantasy that was so inspiring and touching that it could become a Christmas classic.

5.0 star rating Julia C. from Detroit, Michigan


Saw this in Boston (drove 5 hours in snow and rain to catch it). Don't expect the grand effects of a long-running, touring show as it is much smaller and modest in scale. But it's a lovely, heartwarming, family-friendly, fun seasonal experience. Thoroughly enjoyed it and would go again with family.

5.0 star rating Ken Garrison from Chicago, Illinois


Thoroughly enjoyed myself. Great story. Well done modifications of Christmas classic songs. Acrobatics and choreography were good. Couldn’t ask for more from a show that’s not permanently housed (as in Vegas.). Even with a couple errors in the juggling and reindeer games, excellent way to spend the evening.

4.0 star rating Russ from Milwaukee, Wisconsin


Cynical Season Ticket holder for ballet and Rep here. Minus one * for the hotel luggage trolley acrobat. She was great, the trolley? Eh!

2.0 star rating Dawn from Chicago, Illinois


Nothing special. Set was boring and never changed. Maybe I’m spoiled by seeing performances by Cirques at the Shakespeare theatre and Las Vegas. If you haven’t seen the real thing you may be okay with this weak imitation and you don’t expect much.

2.0 star rating from Boston, Massachusetts


Truly if you’ve ever seen a show of CdS, you know immediately this was far below their usual standards. So much fillers by mediocre dancing - yes it was cute - but not CDS quality good. Most acts were so so - except for the aerial parts and especially the lady hanging from her hair. The bike was pretty good too. But for some reason the whole storyline was bizarre and it just didn’t flow. Very cool for kids. But not what we would and should expect from a CDS act.

2.0 star rating Denise Coffey from Boston, Massachusetts


I have seen better high school performances. To think we paid over $200 for these tickets. I have been to several of these shows and was not expecting a Vegas show but also not expecting this armature performance.

2.0 star rating Sandy F from Milwaukee, Wisconsin


My friend and I were thoroughly underwhelmed and disappointed. Previous Cirque shows we had seen were astounding. This show shouldn’t be associated with that brand name. Only a couple of props on stage, a few aerial performers, a juggler, a bicyclist (which was pretty good) and dancers dancing to a mediocre choreography. Spent way too much on this show. Might have been good for kids though.

2.0 star rating from St. Louis, Missouri


Took my 3 teens, expecting thrilling acts and entertainment, as I've experienced in the past with Cirque shows. Most of the acts felt subdued - they had some moments that were interesting but didn't build into much. Lots of dancing that seemed to mainly fill the time. The story was difficult to understand. Most impressed with the roller skating act and the diabolos. Tickets were really expensive though - moreso than my regular season tickets to the Fox - and honestly, Circus Flora puts on a much better show. Wanted to love it but it didn't hold up to expectations. Save your money.

2.0 star rating Robert Friedberg from Phoenix, Arizona


Really disappointed. They should not use the same name. Cirque du Soleil is known for OVER THE TOP stage performances. This was not anything like that. They mixed in a juggler, two aerial gymnasts a roller skating couple and a bicycle balance act. I applauded the stage people for their good jobs but it felt like they were trying out for the big show. In between these singular acts was a slow musical and dance routine that was almost as interesting as a high school play. I'm sorry, unless you are wanting take a young child to see a stage performance, save your money. Not worth it and I was fooled because it was....Cirque Du Soleils name...

2.0 star rating Valerie from New York, New York


I had such high expectations. I have seen many Cirque shows in Vegas, Orlando and Phila. I see a broadway show in NY every year. We paid $200 per ticket. I wish I had read the reviews. Very disappointed. 10% of it was good… typical acrobatics you would expect. The rest was very amateur. I do not recommend it. I really want my money back.

2.0 star rating Iowa Farmer from Chicago, Illinois


Lower your expectations… then lower it some more. We took a family of 11, so it was an expensive night. The show is not worthy of being performed at the Chicago Theatre. Maybe better suited at a community college for $15 bucks/ticket. Save your time and money… so many more better shows out there.

1.0 star rating NIcki from Chicago, Illinois


I have honestly never wanted my money back after a show before. I was sorely disappointed with this production. The storyline was bizarre. There was a scene where a guy was pretending to be a cat hacking up fur balls and pooping in a litter box that had nothing g to do with the play and was uncomfortable. The music sound quality was severely lacking. The scenery was bare, low budget and not at all magical. Although i can appreciate the acrobatics—Our Highschool has put on more professional looking productions. . The price of the tickets warrants a bit more effort for this one.

1.0 star rating Paula Parcher from Chicago,lllinois


This was supposed to be the highlight of our Thanksgiving trip to Chicago. What a disappointment. There were 10 of us. At $65 a ticket it came to $650. I have seen better entertainment at a grade school or high school presentation. Talent—yes. But not was expected from Cirque presentations. If shows like this were put on in Vegas you’d be run out of town. Mostly folks dancing around with very simple dance steps. Lots of tumbling which can be seen in any gym class. Some “cat” scene that had no Cirque qualities and seemed to last forever. Hula hoops with flashing lights...lighted balls thrown around...”reindeers” that could tumble (so can my 10 yr old granddaughter). The 2 or 3 aerial presentations were OK but were a very small part of the show. All in all a very disappointing evening. If I ever do get to Vegas I doubt I would come see your show. With parking and dinner and your show it was a thousand dollar evening. We expected to see so much more. You can’t rest on your laurels.

1.0 star rating Shawn Roode from Chicago, Illinois


Ticket buyer beware! I’ve seen over a dozen Cirque productions and this was by far the worst! Not at all up to the Cirque wonder, wizardry or musicality of any past shows. If you’ve seen Zumanity in Vegas then you know that Cirque can do small spaces. It needs a LOT of work to improve the overall presentation. Go see White Christmas @ the Cadillac Theatre!

1.0 star rating Tony Iman from New York, New York

Худшее шоу

Этопародия на цирк дюсолей, ничего общего с настоящим цирком . Ни сюжета ни музыки. Акробаты с лишним весом и не синхронность в танцах. Сцена для вокальных певцов но никак не для цирка. Цена билетов это просто не качественный продукт за большие деньги . Мне кажется это закат проекта Дюсолей. Я бы вернул деньги , подскажите как ?

1.0 star rating from Chicago, Illinois


The acrobatics were impressive, but the storyline, music and sound quality were severely lacking. It felt like I was stuck in a bad techno dance club, not sitting in the Chicago Theater. With music blasting at beyond 10 decibels and terrible acoustics, I could barely concentrate on and appreciate the acrobatics. It was Cirque du Soleil’s terrible attempt at putting on a musical. Don’t waste your time or money on this!

1.0 star rating Peggy from Boston, Massachusetts


I would give this show zero stars, if I could. I took a friend who'd never seen a Cirque show before, and had talked the experience up—how it's a feast for the sense, etc. Ha! This show doesn't deserve the Cirque name. The set is terrible, the acts are meh, and I felt like I was at one of my kid's dance recitals the rest of the time. Do not waste your money. I actually walked out. I apologized to my friend for having her waste $90. Her response: I would have paid $90 to NOT have to see it!

1.0 star rating Suzy from Boston, Massachusetts


This was simply pathetic. All the scenes seemed the same, totally boring. The finale with the girl on a bike was so unexciting-my friend in high school could have done it. The small story was so weird. I feel like every act I saw before at local circuses. I would be embarrassed to have put this show on. I have seen lots of shows at all levels and this is the worst. I literally wanted to ask for my money back. The best part was being with my friends and getting a Panera cookie-don't waste your time-don't see how could appeal to any age.

1.0 star rating Jaime Simes from Boston, Massachusetts


‘‘Twas the night before” should not have had the Cirque Du Soleil label. It was not impressive nor structured in the store. With the lack of narration made it a slapped together group of performers, it hat if you thought had maybe you could try to string together a reason why they were performing. Though the performers stayed high energy and bright smiled the skill set for most acts were not that engaging. In truth, no much passed local dance studios, low level gymnasts or random street performer. The theater as always was beautiful and majestic. Employees showing us to our seats argued as to who was going to “cover the door” and whom would show us to our seats. This show took about 1 hour 5 minutes. I should have left early and not waited in hopes of a Christmas miracle that would save the show and make it worth while…. I have been to several Cirque Du Soleil show but I think I done with them. I am embarrassed for Cirque de Soleil, you should have never let this show go on.

1.0 star rating from Phoenix, Arizona


VERY expensive for amateur show. The artists are very talented, but the flow is slow, same set throughout, and music overpowers all. No real story, more like a talent show (America’s Got Talent). We got suckered on the price and won’t be back.

1.0 star rating Sam from Detroit, MI


When you’ve attend algria and quedm shows, this Tnight before Christmas is nothing more than a joke! Please stop it if you wanna keep cirque de soulel reputation

1.0 star rating Laura from St. Louis, Missouri


This show was NOTHING like other Circue du Soliel shows we have seen before. ‘‘Twas the Night Before Christmas was very amateurish and ridiculous. Lots of time with silly antics that did not relate to anything in the show. We paid $160 per seat ! Very, very disappointed.

1.0 star rating Kevin B. from New York, New York


Saw this in NYC at the theater at MSG. The stage was too small for a Cirque show. This limited the performers so they couldn’t perform a normal Cirque show. The show basically consisted of a few basic acrobatic numbers which would not even make it into a normal Cirque show. The rest was child-like interpretative dance routines suited for a 4 year old. The artists seemed more like street performers than the talented Cirque performers we have seen in the past; and this was of no fault of their own, but due to the size of the stage. The production values were also lacking. The story of a girl and her father becoming detached due to her, basically, not believing anymore was set up in the initial scene, but was never really followed through in the rest of the show. It was very poorly written, so it was hard to follow. This production will give Cirque du Soleil a bad name.

1.0 star rating from New York, New York


I hated it..the show is mostly dancing not real cirque de Soleil that I knew. the performers are good but the blinding lights on stage ruined the show. I do not recommend it at all. You’re better off staying home.

1.0 star rating VK from Chicago, Illinois


Unfortunately it was not what I expected. It appeared moreso that these performers were possibly in “cirque training”. Balcony seats for this show are not worth the money since the stage is too small for the performance to be at eye level. People showing up late and obstructing views for long periods of time. Don’t be fooled by the “cirque” name. It absolutely does not compare with the true acrobats many of us expect from Cirque. Definitely family friendly, just not edge of your seat performance. Would not recommend the show, especially with the deep price tag.

1.0 star rating Jane from New York, New York


It was so bad. Had nothing to do with cirque de soleil. Seen better from kids on the east river park. Not only was it just terrible as a performance or piece of theater( I would even call it that ) the people who ran the show let tons of people walk around in front of your seat, anytime. Usher actually stood in front of me for a long time. Totally disrespectful. My two little guests 8-5 years old where underwhelmed. A total waste of $720. I want my money back.

1.0 star rating from New York, New York


As others have said, this should be an embarrassment for the cirque brand. I’d like my money back if I could get it. A couple of ok acts (maybe 10 mins worth) but otherwise a lot of filler/fluff including watching people in pajamas have a very long pillow fight, a guy trying to get the audience to engage and cheer, really poorly done dance numbers and generally underwhelming acrobatics which was really just tumbling that you’d see at a middle school gymnastics tournament. Very very disappointing.

1.0 star rating FMT from New York, New York


It was extremely expensive for what it was. The theatre itself feels like you are in a high school gymnasium. The seating is flat so it's very difficult to see the stage. People were talking throughout and taking videos and photos, with no real support from staff to try to manage this. The entry into the theatre was confusing (due to a rangers game) and the lines were mismanaged by staff resulting in many people not being admitted until after the start of the show which was disruptive to those of us already sat down. Again, overall impression was that it was far too much money to pay for a production (lacking a wow factor) and environment that was subpar. Rockettes tickets were cheaper and the entire experience far better.

1.0 star rating Tammy from New York, New York


The show was awful. Said 90 minutes in length. Definitely not. I’ve seen better choreography out of local dance studios. Paid $200/ticket. Shame on me. Don’t waste your money. Bad for cirque brand. Expected sooooo much more.

1.0 star rating Aziza from New York, New York


Far below standards even for regular show. Did’ t expect from CDS to be such a poor setting and performance. Not worth the time and money. Spent over 400 for tickets. Feel scammed

1.0 star rating Allen from Chicago, Illinois


Awful, just awful. I read some people wanted their $65 & $95 dollars back So you can imagine how l feel cuz Mt ticket was $313, a piece. $626.00 total for this awful awful production. Yes, please give me my money back! So dis disappointed in Cirque du Soleil.

1.0 star rating G from New York, New York


Agree with majority of reviews. It was amateur night. Very irritating music. Very lame choreography. This is the 2nd bad cirque de solei show in 2 years for me. I will read all reviews before going to another one of their shows which in the past were mesmerizing.


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