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We All Come From Away: What We Thought Of The New Musical!

Come on in, the door's open!

Telling the story of 7,000 stranded passengers, who all ended up in the tiny Canadian town of Gander after the awful tragedy of 9/11, Come From Away has become a global sensation over the last two years!  With runs on Broadway, Toronto, London and a North American tour Come From Away is spreading its message of love and friendship across the world. If you still haven't managed to see it yet, we're here to convince you with our reviews!

Nicola Quinn - Broadway Review at the Gerald Schoenfeld Theater, New York.

"Director Christopher Ashley has done an excellent job with the sensational musical Come From Away! One might think it is impossible to create a feel-good show based on these events and yet Sankoff and Hein have reminded us that the world is filled with love."

The minimal set was magnificently created by Beowulf Boritt and the brilliant ensemble bring various locations to life. Toni-Leslie James' costume design is filled with sneaky and quick changes to allow the ensemble to switch between the locals and "plane people" seamlessly - they do this with their accents too which is terrific!

Everything about this show is accessible, nothing feels forced or contrived, it is simply honest and real, and truly beautiful. Get your ticket to spend some time with the people of Newfoundland, and you are sure to fall in love with them all."

Abigail Slocombe - West End Review at the Phoneix Theatre, London. 

"Telling the story of what happened to 7,000 stranded passengers after the events of 9/11, Come From Away could have wallowed in the tragedy, instead what is performed in front of you is a joyful and uplifting musical that proves that there is still good in the world. From the music to the energetic performances Come From Away invites you in, makes you an honorary Newfoundler, and sends you on your way with a skip in your step and a smile on your face."

Scarlet Fleetwood - West End Review at the Phoneix Theatre, London. 

"For each person, a musical can take them to a different place and leave them with their own personal message. But there's no doubt in my mind that everyone who sees Come From Away will leave with the same outlook, a positive one. Though the story tells of the tragic events which happened on the 11th September 2001, it isn't all heartbreak and darkness. Instead, Come From Away shines a light on the people of Gander, and how their selfless acts of kindness helped the 7,000 stranded passengers.

From the first beat of the drum to the last, you're in for a rollercoaster of emotions and I think it's more to do with the fact that, as humans, we are all in some way connected to this story. 9/11 changed the world for all of us, but for me, this day will no longer be remembered only for the dreadful events which occurred, but I will now also remember it as being the day Gander showed the world what being human means."

Kitty McCarron - West End Review at the Phoneix Theatre, London. 

"As the events of 9/11 united us all in heartbreak and fear, so too does Come From Away, scraping away layers of that unforgettable day and showing us the little-known story of Gander, a small town in Newfoundland. Beholden to 7,000 travellers displaced by the closing of US airspace, David Hein and Irene Sankoff's incredible musical tells the true tale of unity and human spirit that unfolded as 'the plane people' met the people of Gander and were enfolded in their warmth and generosity. An ensemble piece, 12 actors lay out the events to a folk-infused score that journeys through love, grief, shock and terror before ultimately drawing together all these threads of emotion to create a memorial to one of the darkest day of the early 21st century. Celebrating the hope rather than horror we're all reminded that despite our differences, be they cultural, religious or a mass of any other, kindness and understanding has the power to unite us all."

Head to Gander in 2019 and enjoy this joyful and high-spirited new musical as it heads out on tour!